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Spanish Language School & Community Service Center in Quetzaltenango “Xela” - Guatemala

El Mundo En Español

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Imelda Fraser
This has been the best rewarding experience. I wanted to learn Spanish and ...
Imelda Fraser

Your tuition helps supports La Guardería Cantón Choqí, a day care center for disadvantaged children, by providing art supplies, food, and care.

Welcome to El Mundo En Español

El Mundo En Español Spanish School in "Xela" Quetzaltenago,
Guatemala, offers a more holistic experience in Learning Spanish while having fun in our small school's, cozy, extended-family environment.

We not only offer you a more personalized experience in learning and studying Spanish in our home/school, we also offer for those who are interested, Volunteer opportunities in various social programs and after School Activities to places of interest, which are ideal ways to learn and practice your Spanish in real-life situations.

We are committed to helping you make your Spanish speaking goals
a reality. If you are seriously interested in a total-emersion Spanish, speaking experience, then consider staying with our extended Family
at El Mundo En Español.

Our School is accredited by Ministerio de Educación de Guatemala. All of our teachers have received a degree in teaching Spanish as a 2nd Language from the University of San Carlos - Quetzaltenango.

- Enjoy Learning Spanish at El Mundo En Español -
8 Avenida Calle B, A-61 - Zona 1 - Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 
Email: elmundoxela@gmail.com
Tel/fax 502-7761-3256
Cel: 502-4582-5762

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