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Quetzaltenango is known Locally as Xela, (Pronounced "Shay-la")

Typical Xela Street "Calle" Quetzaltenango is truly a beautiful city. Located high up in the Sierra Madres, at an elevation of 2,200 meters, Quetzaltenango is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, laced with narrow, cobblestone streets built for walking and filled with the colorful signs of Mayan culture. Xela is much more than simply a place to study Spanish. For many students it becomes a second home ....

Xela is a university town, with one large state university (San Carlos de Guatemala), and six private universities. Because of the large student population, both Guatemalan and foreigners studying Spanish, Xela is dotted with coffee shops and there is also an active night life with clubs, billiards and bars.. There are also modern banks, grocery stores, hotels, internet cafes, bakeries, movie theaters and restaurants.

Parque CentralThroughout Quetzaltenango there are old classical buildings and monuments. The contrast between the old and the new is especially visible in the center of the city around "Parque Central" and is what gives the city its charm.... And its all within easy easy walking distance, although if you like, micro buses and taxis offer a very convenient and affordable alternative for getting around.


Quetzaltenango, with a population of 250,000, is located 200km west of Guatemala City and is the commercial center for southwest Guatemala. Xela is the second largest city in Guatemala and one of the fastest growing cities in Central America. Although Quetzaltenango is located in the mountains, it's only a 1 hour drive to the tropical pacific coast.

CulturaAt 2333 meters above sea level, Xela's climate is idyllic. Temperatures year round average 70-80°F (21°C) during the daytime and 45°F(7°C) at night. Xela is green all year round, although during the rainy season everything really comes out into full bloom. Bring a heavy sweater for early morning as the nights are chilly, but also plenty of short sleeved T-shirts to wear during the day.


While indigenous culture has no boundaries in Guatemala, Xela rightly claims to be at the heart of everything Maya, beautiful in its diversity. Xela is second most important commercial city in the country and is the place where people come from small villages, many miles away, in order to sell their goods in the market. Women in their traditional traje fit in just as easily as men wearing smart-looking suits and carrying briefcases.

Se Vende HelladoWhile you study Spanish here, you will have tremendous opportunities to jump in the mix yourself. As a school, we try to take advantage of what the area has to offer, taking trips to Xunil to see the beautiful church there, or to different cooperatives where women work together to create products and better their lives. See Activities.

Another great opportunity of course is to get involved in Volunteering with any one of the many non-profit organizations in Xela. In this way, you'll be able to meet the people who collectively make up the vibrancy and color of Xela. See Photo Gallery for more images of Xela.

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